Tom Brady Says His Super Bowl Jersey Was Stolen After The Game

Tom Brady made history on Sunday night, becoming the only quarterback to win five different Super Bowls. He surpassed past greats like Terry Bradshaw and Steve Young (who both have four championship rings), and now stands alone as the best QB in NFL history.

Brady wasn’t feeling particularly joyful after the game though. He could be seen in the Patriots’ locker room frantically searching for his game jersey.

“It was right here. I know exactly where I put it,” Brady said, according to Martin Rogue of USA Today. “This is not good. It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good.”

Brady even called for his teammates to help him look for it, and backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo attempted to recruit other players to join his search party. It sounds like the jersey, which will certainly end up as a valuable piece of football memorabilia, was never found. Brady eventually gave up the search so he could go celebrate his record-setting victory with his friends, family, and teammates.

“It is going to be on eBay soon, I guess,” Brady joked.

Maybe he can just buy it back.

Monday morning update:

During the press conference after Brady was officially given the Super Bowl MVP trophy, he confirmed that the jersey was indeed still missing and presumed stolen.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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