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The WWE Have Forced The Young Bucks To Stop Using The “Too Sweet” Gesture

The hottest tag team on the planet right now is probably the Young Bucks, who aren’t even in the world’s most popular wrestling promotion. Matt and Nick Jackson, real life brothers, are tearing it up in Ring of Honor and New Japan, and have managed to attract a large number of fans for a team that doesn’t get the mainstream WWE exposure.

Their merchandise regularly flies off the shelf at Hot Topic and online retailers, and they even managed to march hundreds of fans over to a WWE show in a hilarious attempt to “invade” Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, co-opting one of D-Generation X’s most famous stunts isn’t the only thing they’ve been borrowing. They’ve also been using the “Suck It” crotch-chop gesture and, as part of the Bullet Club, the “Too Sweet” hand gesture made popular by members of the Kliq and the nWo.

The WWE have apparently had enough.

The Young Bucks did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Wednesday, and some comments were made during it that suggest the WWE got their legal team involved. One fan noticed that their online stores had any reference to the “Too Sweet” hand gesture removed. Matt and Nick sort of skirted around the question, but insinuated they may drop both gestures.

When asked if they would ever consider signing with the WWE, their responses were even more telling:

Matt: “Ask me when I’m not grumpy with them.”

Nick: “After what we received yesterday chances have gotten low.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that what they “received yesterday” was actually a cease and desist letter from the WWE, demanding that they stop using their intellectual property to build their fanbase and hock merchandise. The WWE is claiming to own the “Suck It” and “Too Sweet” gestures as they relate to professional wrestling. It was also reported that the WWE wants a written promise from the Young Bucks that they will not use any more of the WWE’s gimmicks in the future. So don’t expect Matt or Nick to break out with the “You Can’t See Me” hand wave anytime soon.

It could turn into an interesting legal battle, as the question of who “owns” a hand gesture is kind of murky. However, it sounds like the Young Bucks are content to abide by the WWE’s wishes, at least for now.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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