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The Undertaker Could Set A Milestone Record With a Win at WrestleMania 33

Records in pro wrestling are an interesting thing. First of all, most of them are exaggerated (or made up completely) in order to build hype and promote individuals. But if the record keepers at are correct, The Undertaker could reach another milestone at WrestleMania 33 that would be hard to top.

Everyone already knows about The Undertaker’s amazing WrestleMania record and “The Streak,” which was finally ended by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. We’re talking a record of a different kind. According to the stat keepers, The Undertaker currently sits at 99 total pay-per-view wins in his WWE career (both singles or tag matches). Should be win at WrestleMania on Sunday (which is kind of his thing), he will reach the landmark of 100 PPV wins, something no other WWE superstar has done.

In fact, the Taker is already top of the list, with John Cena (88), Triple H (86),  Kane (70), and Randy Orton (62) rounding out the top five. It’s no surprise that the Dead Man tops this list, since he’s been around for 27 years at this point. Which is surprising, maybe, is his win-loss record. He’s rattled off 99 wins to just 66 losses (and five draws or no contests). Sure, the whole thing is scripted, but that’s a remarkable testament to The Undertaker’s staying power in the business.

Wrestling Data unfortunately doesn’t have a way to combine WWE and WCW pay-per-views, but the highest number of PPV wins for a WCW wrestler is Sting, with just 57. If you’re asking yourself “What about Hulk Hogan?”, we had the exact same though. But the Hulkster only notched 28 wins on WCW PPVs and another 28 on WWE events, for a total of 56 combined PPV wins.

Of course, many of the “old school” wrestlers like Hogan or Ric Flair had the majority of their huge main event wins before the PPV business was a wrestling mainstay. Regardless, 100 PPV wins for The Undertaker would certainly be a huge accomplishment.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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