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The Rock is Officially Registered to Campaign For President in 2020

With the recent election of a TV personality to the prestigious office of the President of the United States, citizens are starting to wonder which other celebrities might make a good elected official. Former pro wrestler and current Hollywood A-lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is among the names being floated around, even jokingly. In fact, Johnson actually said he “wouldn’t rule out” a switch into politics, adding that “it’s a real possibility.” He also joked that he wants Tom Hanks as his running mate, so maybe he’s not really that serious about it

Now one man is trying to jumpstart a campaign for The Rock 2020. Kenton Tilford of West Virginia took it upon himself to official register a Dwayne Johnson campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission.

Yes, RUN THE ROCK 2020 is a real thing that could happen. It should be noted that this registration is not affiliated with Johnson in any way, and The Rock has given no indication he plans to lay the smack down in Washington, D.C. in the coming years.

“I’m just a private citizen unaffiliated with Mr. Johnson,” Tilford said, according to the Daily Mail. “But I’ve talked with many who believe he can deliver the leadership America needs.”

“While there has been significant discussion of the possibility of The Rock running for President, there is currently no avenue for supporters to channel their energies and get Mr Johnson to notice the groundswell of support he has in the grassroots,” he added. “By starting Run The Rock 2020, I hope to harness that energy and help persuade Mr Johnson that America needs his leadership now.”

As a bunch of Canadians looking downward at our southern neighbour (and best buddy) with just a wee bit of concern, The Rock seems like a solid choice.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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