The Rock Called CM Punk in Front of a Live Crowd After Raw Went Off The Air

The Rock was in the building for Raw on Monday, but he sadly didn’t appear on television. The lucky 15,000 fans in the Staples Center in Los Angeles did get a special treat though — appearances by Dwayne Johnson both before and after Raw was on the air.

Before the show started, The Rock came out and let the crowd know that they would be doing some film shoots afterwards, for a movie about Paige’s family and career. He also informed the fans that he wouldn’t officially be appearing on the night’s episode of Raw, leading Vince McMahon to come out and “fire” him (we’re not sure who thought that was a good idea, but whatever).

Fast forward to after the show, when The Rock returned and explained to the crowd that they would be filming a recreation of the night when Paige won the then-Divas Title from AJ Lee, complete with actors and stunt doubles wearing the familiar costumes of the female wrestlers. During this, the crowd broke out into a “CM Punk” chant. So The Rock whipped out his cell and gave the former-WWE-champion-turned-bad-MMA-fighter a call.

Punk didn’t answer, so The Rock left a message. Check it out:

Punk would later explain why he didn’t answer the phone, via his official Twitter account.

Yeah. He was out walking his dog.

Fighting With My Family, a comedy-drama based on the beginnings of Paige’s wrestling career and how it affected her entire family (who are all in the wrestling business), is being produced in partnership with WWE Films and The Rock is one of the executive producers.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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