The 11 Most Hilarious High Five Fails In Sports Source:

One of the most universal ways to celebrate an accomplishment in sports, and in life in general, is with a high five. There’s something empowering about a connection of palms that seals the deal on what you’ve achieved; however, when two hands don’t connect properly at an exact moment, the moment of magic quickly turns into an embarrassing recovery of your failed attempt. And while it may seem unfathomable to botch such a simple gesture, these 11 examples prove it might be too complex for some people.

11. The Solo Celebration

When you come into the dugout from a stellar at bat, but everyone’s too busy to celebrate with you.

10. The Swat

When you go in for a high five, but your teammate would rather low five. Source:

9. The Wave

When you’re pretty sure your buddy is headed right for you, but then he course corrects in another direction. Source:

8. The High Bump

When you go in for a connection but your fellow coach is too cool to high five. Source:

7. The Graze

When your coordination is close, but no cigar. Source:

6. The Smack

When your teammate’s high five position isn’t quite as high as yours. Source:

5. The Patty Cake

When you’re left hanging, so you play patty cake with your teammates’ heads instead. Source:

4. The Clothesline

When you raise your arm up in anticipation, but are left hanging out to dry. Source:

3. The Solo Five

When your high five invitation gets ignored and you have to finish the job yourself. Source:

2. The Poke

When you’re well-aligned for a high ten, but your teammate goes between the posts and scores with a shot to the eye. Source:

1. The Reverse Five

When you set up a solid high five and you’re met with a backhand instead of a palm. Source:

Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres