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Someone Tried to Blackmail Hulk Hogan For $1 Million Over Stolen Tape

You know what tape we’re talking about. Yeah, that tape.

According to  WTSP, a Tampa CBS affiliate, law enforcement officials now know how the Hulk Hogan sex tape was made public. They claim that Matthew “Spice Boy” Loyd, a close friend and co-worker of Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem, stole a copy of the now-infamous tape of Hogan having sex with Clem’s wife, Heather.

Loyd then attempted to blackmail Hogan to the tune of $1 million, which was refused. Shockingly, the two sides began to negotiate on an agreeable price before a stalemate was reached. Sometime after that, Gawker Media acquired the tape. Even more shockingly, the local District Attorney refuse to prosecute Loyd, despite the FBI having recordings of many of the negotiations.

“When you have a case that is presented to prosecution that is sort of gift wrapped like this one you would think they would aggressively pursue it. I’m at a loss to explain this one,” said veteran criminal defense attorney John Trevena.

The sex tape has been the definitive factor in Hogan’s recent downfall. After Gawker Media published portions of the tape and refused to take it down, he sued them. Later, additional footage from the tape leaked, depicting Hogan making racist comments about one of his daughter’s friends. He was fired by the WWE as a result, and has claimed that Gawker leaked the racist audio on purpose to further damage his case.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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