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Sexy Star Has Been Punished (Maybe Fired?) by AAA For Shooting on Her Opponent

One of the most controversial moments in wrestling this year happened at a AAA show in Mexico, when female champion Sexy Star locked on a legit armbar submission move at the end of a four-way match at TripleMania XXV in mid-August.

Sexy Star’s opponent Rosemary was legitimately injured and put the champion on blast on social media a couple days later. Many big names in the wrestling business publicly supported Rosemary and condemned the actions of Sexy Star, effectively black balling her from the wrestling industry altogether.

Earlier this week, AAA (one of Mexico’s largest lucha libre wrestling promotions) made it clear that Sexy Star was being punished for the incident. They tweeted out that the women’s championship (Reina de Reinas) was now vacant. A second tweet followed a few minutes later that listed the wrestlers who would compete for the vacant title. Sexy Star’s name was noticeably absent from the list.

It’s unclear what the nature of Sexy Star’s contract is with AAA. It’s probably not exclusive like North American fans are used to seeing with their WWE superstars. It’s possible that AAA has terminated Sexy Star’s deal altogether, so is just simply refusing to bring her in for future shows.

Sexy Star has actually released a pair of strangely worded statements about the incident, although neither seem to qualify as an actual explanation or apology. Admittedly, some of the context gets lost in translation. Still, it looks like the wrestling universe isn’t buying what she’s trying to sell.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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