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Seth Rollins Says ‘Wrestler’s Court’ No Longer Exists

Fans have often heard stories of the mysterious “Wrestler’s Court”, which is basically a system where the locker room polices itself for minor violations of etiquette and common courtesy. It’s something that’s also seen in other professional sports, and many consider it a necessary way to maintain order among rowdy, energetic, fairly immature athletes. Of course, other people see it as an organized system of bullying that punishes people for ridiculously minor infractions in the name of “keeping the peace”, and they also make some excellent points. Whatever the case, according to a recent interview by Seth Rollins, the practice has been discontinued in WWE for a long time, well before Rollins ever made it to WWE, due to the controversy the system caused and the rise of social media, where things like the court and its often embarrassing punishments could become public very easily.

This revelation came about when Rollins was asked about a popular Internet rumor that claimed Roman Reigns was forced to apologize to the locker room after he was suspended 30 days for a Wellness Policy violation. Rollins said that while Reigns did address the roster, it was by his own choice, due to Reigns being seen as a leader backstage, and wanting to publicly address the situation out in the open.

The entire interview is interesting and provocative, and you can see it right here:

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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