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Seth Rollins on McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight: “I’d Be Surprised If Conor Lands a Single Punch”

Seth Rollins got a nice little treat this week when it was announced he would the cover athlete for the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game, which comes out later this year. As part of that announcement, Rollins appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter to promote the game. During the interview, Rollins was asked about the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, which is easily the biggest sports announcement of the year so far. Whether it lives up to the hype or not, well, that’s another story still to be told.

McGregor and the WWE have a brief history of trash-talking back and forth (See here. Or here.) So it’s probably not surprising that the former WWE champion isn’t backing the Irishman in his upcoming boxing match.

“I guess Conor’s always got a puncher’s chance, right? But that’s about all he’s got in a boxing match against Floyd. I think Floyd is going to dance around him. I’ll be surprised if Conor lands one punch on Floyd. But to say that, if he does land that one punch, he’s got some real power, so you never know. But if I’m a betting man, my money’s on Floyd, all the way.”

Rollins isn’t wrong. One Las Vegas sportsbook has already claimed that 80 percent of all the money wagered on the fight so far has been bet on Mayweather to win. Interestingly enough, 90 percent of the total number of bets have been on McGregor though, with a ton of people making small wagers hoping to cash in an underdog upset. He even says the Chicago Bears have a better chance of being in the next Super Bowl than McGregor does of winning the fight. That’s a strong statement.

Hopefully when McGregor is done with boxing and MMA, we can get him to show up at WrestleMania some year, just for the entertainment value.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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