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Samoa Joe Has a Surprisingly Sensible Opinion on Brock Lesnar’s Part-Time Schedule

Brock Lesnar currently has a sweet deal with the WWE. He makes millions of dollars a year, but only has to show up a couple of times a month. He has to actually wrestle even less, usually only at major PPV shows or specially advertised appearances on Raw (plus the odd house show at places like Madison Square Garden). And his exclusive contract doesn’t even stop him from doing whatever else he might want, like show up at UFC 200 to battle Mark Hunt.

Some fans are put off by Lesnar’s lack of commitment to the wrestling business. Even more annoying to a select part of the audience is that Lesnar is currently the Universal Champion on Raw. That means the top champion doesn’t even appear on most shows, which some fans don’t like.

However, one of the men who recently attempted to dethrone Lesnar as the Universal Champion has no problem with The Beast’s limited working schedule. In an interview with For The Win, Samoa Joe thinks Lesnar’s sporadic appearances actually do wonders to build excitement for when he does show up.

“You go to the Hulk Hogan era reigns, and I definitely didn’t see him on TV every week. There is a mystique to him not being on TV that much. When he does make appearances, it’s usually for purposeful reasons. That’s been the big theme for Brock. You hear he’s not here, but if you look back at the shows, he’s here when it counts and when I need to get my hands on him. As long as that still happens, I’m good with that.”

Joe’s been in the wrestling business for close to two decades now, and he worked almost everywhere in North America before finally coming to the WWE in 2015 (although he remained in NXT until early 2017). By all accounts, Joe has paid his dues and is one of the most professional people in the business. If he doesn’t have a problem with Lesnar’s contract, then everyone else should probably follow suit.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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