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Ryback Has Harsh Words For John Cena

Ryback certainly has been vocal since his WWE contract expired earlier this year, and his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, have quickly evolved into a regular forum for Ryback to expound upon how WWE prevented him from becoming the biggest star in the company, as well as any other grudges he might have. This week, John Cena has become the target of his ire, as the Big Guy seems to feel that John Cena has spent his career standing in the path of every single wrestler trying to make it to the top in WWE, especially Ryback.

Here’s Ryback talking about former WWE Superstar Alex Riley, who recently said he had issues with John Cena related to how his career turned out.

John [Cena is] blocked on my Twitter. I blocked him, he’s legit [blocked], I blocked him a long time [ago]. He [has] been a piece of s*** to me since Day One. And people, the guy, I was nothing but nice and respectful to him and I know Alex Riley just came out and [admitted he had issues with Cena] and when people hear what really happened with that, they’re going to lose their s***. Like, and I know, I have a pretty good idea of what happened with that and the guys in WWE. And, one, it’s f***ing hilarious. And, two, it’s hilarious what people will find out about John. So he used to s***-talk me when I was in the ring. I remember I was in there against Mark Henry. You’ve got to remember, I came up with all these guys in developmental and I know everyone who’s sitting backstage. No, John [used to talk trash], I used to be back there for John when Riley was in the ring, when the company was f*cking with him because John was hot at him because of what happened and all this.

But John would sit back there and bury Riley in front of everybody for no reason, and Alex Riley is f***ing money and he was money from Day One. Busted his ass, had awesome theme music, worked his ass off, went out there and got a reaction from the people, but because of John Cena and I swear to God, I swear to f***ing God, because of John Cena, his career is over in the WWE for no f***ing reason outside of John and his personal issues. Unbelievable.

Well, there you have it, the only person on the planet who thinks that Alex Riley was money. Whether or not whatever Ryback says is true, his constant rants about how everything that has gone wrong with his career is someone else’s fault has started to wear out its welcome, especially when Ryback has also been very public about his belief in self-actualization.

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Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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