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Rules For WWE Draft Announced

While, theoretically, we all know how a brand split draft should work, because we’ve already gone through one before, it’s nice to have some clarification. And WWE obliged this weekend, posting the rules (such as they are) on their website.

1. Raw has the first overall pick
2. Since SmackDown Live is a two-hour show and Raw is three hours, for every two picks SmackDown Live receives, Raw will receive three picks
3. Tag teams count as one pick unless a Commissioner/General Manager specifically only wants one member of the team​
4. Six draft picks will be made off the NXT roster​

Of course, these rules just raise further questions, such as why would any smart GM only pick one person when they could have two (or three, in the case of The New Day or Social Outcasts), no matter how useless that additional person might be? More importantly, who are the lucky six NXT graduates? The obvious choices are Finn Balor, Bayley (who should almost certainly be Sasha Banks’ mystery partner at Battleground), and American Alpha, but beyond that, there’s a handful of wrestlers who could make their main roster debut this week.

WWE also posted the list of draft-eligible wrestlers, and it’s notable that the members of the Lucha Dragons and Wyatt Family are not listed as tag teams (and therefore cannot be taken under the third rule affecting tag teams). Also, Brock Lesnar is available to be drafted, which is curious, given the fact that he’s currently facing a two-year ban from MMA and pro wrestling after potentially failing a USADA drug test before UFC 200. Also, because he’s Brock Lesnar, and he’s just going to show up wherever he wants anyway.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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