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Raw Ratings Plummet After Last Week’s High

It seems that Raw could not maintain the momentum from a generally well-received Royal Rumble last week, as the show, which featured an advertised appearance by Brock Lesnar, saw massive losses in viewership and demos compared to the previous Raw, which included an appearance by The Rock, AJ Styles’ first singles match in WWE, and the announcement of the Fastlane main event. Overall, this week’s Raw averaged 3.38 million viewers and a 1.22 rating in the 18-24 demographic, down over 700,000 viewers and over a quarter of a point from last week’s post-Rumble episode. The show also lost 500,000 viewers and dropped significantly in the demos over the course of the show.

Hourly Breakdowns

Hour 1: 3.59 million viewers, 1.24 demo rating
Hour 2: 3.46 million viewers, 1.26 demo rating
Hour 3: 3.09 million viewers, 1.15 demo rating

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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