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Raw Ratings Hit New Low Ahead Of WWE Payback Source:

The final Raw before their first Pay Per View after WrestleMania failed to garner any additional interest from viewers, who tuned out in numbers that drove Raw to its lowest ratings in four months. Despite a string of reasonably good shows that have built up Payback into a fairly impressive card on paper, ratings have dropped fairly steadily in the weeks after WWE’s biggest PPV of the year. Overall, Raw averaged 3.13 million viewers and a 1.12 ratings in the 18-49 demographic, finishing fourth in the rankings of cable originals. The show also lost roughly a quarter of a million viewers from start to finish, and saw a significant loss in the demos for the third hour.

Hourly Breakdown

Hour 1 (8-9 PM): 3.26 million viewers, 1.14 demo rating
Hour 2 (9-10 PM): 3.18 million viewers, 1.15 demo rating
Hour 3 (10-11 PM): 2.94 million viewers, 1.06 demo rating

All numbers are courtesy Showbuzz Daily

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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