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Randy Orton Roasts Indy Wrestling in Vicious Twitter Rant

Apparently Randy Orton was a little bored on the weekend, so he fired up the Twitter machine and attacked.

Before we get to what Orton said, we have to rewind a bit and go back to an initial tweet from Rip Rogers, the current head trainer for Ohio Valley Wrestling. Rogers tweeted out a satirical script of every Indy match, and it definitely riled up some feathers. Also, it’s worth nothing that OVW is no longer associated with the WWE (although it was once considered their development federation).

Here’s Rogers’ tweet:

Indy wrestlers didn’t take too kindly to this thinly veiled criticism, and shot back with a few tweets of their own. Most notably, Will Ospreay (of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor) shot back that Rogers shouldn’t be so concerned about what choices other wrestlers make:

For some reason, this is where Orton chimed in, adding in a “…dive” of his own. Later, so did Bubba Ray Dudley.

This is where things go off the rails a bit. Orton saw Bubba Ray’s tweet and decided to take a unprovoked shot at the tag team legend, ripping him for being out of shape and, apparently, once again being out of the WWE.

The needless verbal jab rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Bubba Ray even responded, telling Orton to mind his own business. He also took the opportunity to point out that Orton’s recent “House of Horrors” match against Bray Wyatt was… well… it was a thing that happened, that’s for sure!

You’re still following along right? Because we’re finally at the point where Orton lays the smackdown on all of his haters. He issued an “apology” to everyone, but it’s so blatantly dripping in sarcasm that it’s perfect roast material.

In case Orton deletes the savagery, here’s what the tweet says:

“Sorry to the Indy marks, Indy guys and old timers who do DIVES took offense … just having a good time over a few drinks in Denmark closing the Smackdown Live tour … while beating Raw in making over 5 million dollars in the last 11 shows. Now I know to some that doesn’t equate to a standing room only crowd of 150 people paying $8 at an armory somewhere … but in the big boy world that’s called putting asses in seats. So enjoy your flips, dives, and 20 superkicks per match. To each their own. I will go “dive” back into my 13th title run and get ready to “flip” when my bank statement comes this month.


…headlock! We love it.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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