Puerto Rico Suffering From Shortage of Hair Dye as Fans Embrace WBC Team

An entire island has seen their stock of blond hair dye dry up, as rabid baseball fans rush to emulate their national team.

The Puerto Ricans, many featuring newly dyed blond mops (or beards), have reached the finals of the World Baseball Classic. Their enthusiasm has been one of the most endearing parts of the entire tournament, and fan want in on the excitement. According to the Associated Press via the New York Post, the entire country is suffering from a shortage of blond hair dye as a result of the team’s success.

“Ever since they began winning, this has not stopped,” said Myrna Rios, who manages a San Juan-based salon. “We have run out of the product in most of our stores.”

The AP reports that it’s not just blond hair dye flying off store shelves. Anything even close, like shades of orange or white, is also running low. The players themselves think it’s great.

“We have been able to unite our country with our blond hair,” said Puerto Rican infielder Carlos Correa. “That’s what we want as players to unite our country, our people, and give them the best.”

Pitcher Edwin Diaz also chimed in, saying that some kids were even suspended from school for breaking dress code with their outrageous new hairdos.

“We wanted to do this to unite the team, and then the people of Puerto Rico, they started dying their hair, too,” Diaz said. “I saw that there were some students that were suspended from school. I think they shouldn’t be doing that because it just means that we have united our nation. We didn’t think it was going to be this huge, but we were able to accomplish that.”

Puerto Rico plays the United States in the World Baseball Classic championship game on Wednesday night.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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