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POLL: Who Is WWE Superstar of the Year?

Over the past years, there have been some excellent performances from any number of WWE Superstars that have led to them having fairly good years. Roman Reigns spent twelve months trying to climb the mountain and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, finally succeeding in December. John Cena held the United States title for most of the year and defended in on a regular basis, in great matches. Seth Rollins cashed in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and held the WWE World Heavyweight title until November, becoming a dual champion along the way. Kevin Owens fast-tracked his own career, going from NXT debut to NXT champion to the main roster incredibly fast, ending the year as Intercontinental champion, with a clean victory over John Cena on Pay Per View. And Brock Lesnar was Brock Lesnar, with all that entails.

WWE hands out their own personal Slammy Awards on Raw at the end of the year, but here’s your chance to pick the winner ahead of time, and look smart in front of all your friends! Our ace statisticians at Goliath have narrowed the field of potential winners down to these six Superstars, and it’s up to you to make the decision!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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