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Nikki Bella To Have Potentially Career-Ending Surgery

In an interview related to her starring role on E! Network’s hit reality show Total Divas, former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella revealed the extent of the neck injury which has kept her sidelined since late 2015.

On her injury:

“I have basically a broken neck, a pretty bad herniated disk…What makes mine a little bit difficult than most people is that I have some disk behind my vertebrae so with a lot of prayers we’re gonna pray that the doctors can get the piece behind my vertebrae with just a bone fusion.”

On her expected recovery time:

“As of now I will be in the hospital just for a day or two. But unfortunately I will be at home with a neck brace for three months, no travel. I can barely be in the car because of the spot where my injury is in, my C6 my C7, I have to try as much as I can not to move my neck so it can heal.”

On whether she’ll be able to wrestle again:

There is a potential that this is career-ending. We will only know that when I get out of surgery on Wednesday and then basically how the bone heals Wednesday.”

You can read the full interview on the E! Network website right here

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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