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Nikki Bella Raw Appearance Was Scrapped, Full-Time Career Likely Over

Nikki Bella has been making great progress since undergoing neck surgery earlier this year, and was even in New York on Monday, apparently with plans that she would be making an appearance on Raw. Reportedly, Nikki was supposed to get involved in the Total Divas vs Team BAD & Blonde match and also appear at WrestleMania, likely in a managerial role.

Unfortunately, doctors refused to allow Nikki to participate, as her recovery is apparently at a point where even the slightest bump could set her back months, and possibly permanently. As a result, plans for both Raw and WrestleMania were scrapped. Allegedly, Nikki has already been told that if she ever returns to the ring, it will almost certainly be as a part-time performer, as the grind of wrestling full-time would be too damaging.

With her sister already publicly planning to retire (with unconfirmed rumors stating that Brie will walk away the day after WrestleMania), it’s possible that we may have already seen the permanent end of The Bella Twins in WWE.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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