NFL Owners Approve Oakland Raiders’ Relocation to Las Vegas

Sin City has suddenly gone from having zero professional sports franchises, to not only having an NHL team join the league this fall, but the biggest game in town also joining the party. According to Adam Schefter, the NFL owners 31-1 in favor of allowing the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas starting in 2019. Only the Miami Dolphins voted against the move.

The Raiders are now the third NFL franchise to relocate in the last 18-months, following the Chargers (San Diego to Los Angeles) and the Rams (St. Louis to Los Angeles). All three teams claim they were forced to move after they couldn’t secure funds to build new stadiums. Whether you believe that taxpayer money should fund stadiums for billionaires is another issue altogether. The fact remains, the Raiders are on the move.

League commissioner Roger Goodell spoke following the vote, claiming that they “worked as hard as we could to try and find that solution” that would keep the Raiders in Oakland. Meanwhile, the team will continue to share the Oakland Coliseum with baseball’s Athletics for two more years.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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