Mick Foley Retracts His Statement About Hell in a Cell Main Event

Yesterday, Mick Foley made a Facebook post which clearly indicated that Sasha Banks vs Charlotte was going to be the main event of the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV, a history-making statement which was backed up by other sources. However, either someone got into Foley’s ear about spoiling the surprise, or WWE is once again doing that thing where they pretend that the main event isn’t just the final match on the card (you know, the lie they told CM Punk to try and convince him that he was main eventing PPVs as WWE Champion when he actually wasn’t, or two weeks ago, when they claimed John Cena had been in the main event of No Mercy even though his match opened the show), because Foley basically retracted his statement several hours later.

“The match order for #HIAC Will probably not be finalized until hours before the actual show, so each member of the WWE Universe can decide for themselves what their main event is. Regardless of where the women’s match is placed on the card, both Sasha and Charlotte should absolutely feel like they are the main event – as should Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. It’s a competitive business, and that competitive spirit should bring out the best in everyone on October 30th.”

No, Mick, the main event is the last match on the card. That’s the way it’s been for years, no matter what the WWE marketing machine will tell us. Now, this doesn’t mean the match won’t still end up being the main event, and in fact as the longest-running feud that will likely be the most interesting match taking place in the champion’s hometown, it probably should be, but it’s frustrating to have Foley walk back his statement, especially if it ends up being true anyway.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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