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Mick Foley Continues To Speak Out Against WWE

WWE Hall of Famer, 3-time WWE Champion, and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Mick Foley has been busy recently on the Internet, bemoaning the lack of creativity which has led to record low Raw ratings. After this past Monday’s show, Foley made a long post on Facebook about how he’d become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of Raw and WWE inability and/or unwillingness to push stars that the fans have seemed willing to get behind. Foley closed by begging WWE to give him a reason to watch Raw again, claiming that he was closer to giving up on the company than he ever had been in his life.

Today, Foley made a second Facebook post, titled “FINAL RAW FOR FOLEY?”, and calling tonight’s Raw a “crossroads”. Here are some excerpts from that statement, and several comments Foley made on the same post:

“Today’s WWE Superstars (I’m including the women here, since the term “Diva” had its time, and that time is done) are at a distinct disadvantage in some ways. They can’t flip birds, and use the colorful language. They can’t bleed – even when the situation seems ripe for it. Man, Roman Reigns life would be so much easier if he could survive vicious assaults – and be left bloodied, but unbowed – the way guys in my era did. But all the blood, the language and the violence paled in comparison to the real secret weapon of the Attitude Era; FREEDOM! The freedom to CREATE..the freedom to TRY… the freedom to FAIL – the idea that going down swinging (I hope I’m not losing you guys in all the non-baseball playing countries) was almost as important as hitting the ball out of the park – as long as you took your best swings. There’s a difference between playing to win, and playing not to lose: one breeds confidence, the other breeds fear

“One of my favorite wrestlers proposed a storyline that would allow me a four of five week storyline that would allow me to dig in deep, and swing for the fences – and in the process, maybe advance a few of the super-talented but underutilized athletes on the roster. I would love to do it….but I doubt it’s going to happen. After all, I might want to do something crazy like go out there without a script, and try to create some real emotion – in other words, the type of thing that saved WWE in the late 90’s.”

“It’s frustrating. I live 90 minutes from WWE headquarters (less without traffic). They know I’ve offered to come in, for free, and give them my honest opinions. I have nothing to lose by telling them the truth. I don’t work for them. If they don’t like what I have to say, I get in my car and drive home. No big deal. But at least they get a different perspective.”

While no one would ever accuse Mick Foley of being under-dramatic, the fact that a well-respected legend of the ring and lifelong wrestling fan like Foley is saying these things publicly does give the rising tide of fan frustration a clear rallying point. What are your thoughts on what WWE could do to make Raw more watchable for you? Source:

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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