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Max Landis Talks About Why The WWE Divas Revolution Is Failing

Screenwriter Max Landis, whose latest work Victor Frankenstein will be hitting big screens soon, and who is also known in wrestling circles for his popular “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” video, recently joined the brand-new World According To Wrestling podcast to discuss, among other things, the current direction of the WWE Divas division. During the interview, Landis touched on many well-known issues that the division has faced since attempting to start the so-called “Divas Revolution”. However, according to Landis, the biggest issue facing WWE and NXT Divas with attaining credibility as legitimate women’s wrestlers is another WWE-sponsored program, the moderately popular pseudo-reality show Total Divas, which airs on the E! Network.

Here’s Landis’ opinion on Total Divas:

“I really believe, for how successful Total Divas is, I think it is almost as reductive to their role in the company as a bra and panties match. It’s like an emotional bra and panties match.”

Landis went on to detail how the show’s portrayal of WWE Divas affects their portrayal on the wrestling programs:

“All the Divas are presented as backstabbing, crazy, unpredictable women and they’re not really allowed to have character. They bring in Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair – three really different characters – and they put them all in little groups and then the groups fight each other.

You would never see this with the men. The men are spread out and used differently. As good as it is that there’s this Divas Revolution, ultimately it’s reductive because it makes them just seem that they’re part of a big crowd of Divas.”

Do you agree with Landis? Is the Divas Revolution failing? And is Total Divas part of the problem? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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