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Mauro Ranallo Throws Shade at WWE Commentators in Return to MMA Announcing

It would have been hard to miss the story about former WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo and the reason he suddenly disappeared from television a couple months ago. Even mainstream media sources were picking up the story of JBL’s (alleged) bullying, which prompted Ranallo, who has a long public history of struggling with depression and bipolar disorder, to basically walk off the job, despite being under contract until August 2017.

There appear to be no plans to have Ranallo return to the commentary table between now and the end of his contract, so the former SmackDown Live play-by-play man returned to one of his original gigs on the weekend — commentating for mixed martial arts. He was a part of the Rizin broadcast on Sunday, and threw a subtle jab at his former employer during the entrance of German fighter Jazzy Gabert, who used to dabble in pro wrestling before turning to MMA.

If you missed it, Ranallo took great joy in referring to “pro wrestling” instead of “sports entertainment.” Vince McMahon is reportedly extremely picky about what kind of terminology is used by his employees, both wrestlers and commentators. For example, he has banned the phrase “title shot” in favor of “title match,” and championship belts can never be referred to as “straps.” Apparently, “pro wrestling” or “pro wrestler” is also among the banned verbiage.

Ranallo doubled down on Twitter after the Rizin event.

Meanwhile, John Bradshaw Layfield remains employed by the WWE despite (allegedly) creating a toxic environment for a dozens of others over the years. Yep, sounds like pro wrestling to us.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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