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Massive Power Failure Nearly Delayed Raw

While everything obviously went off without a hitch (give or take a fan jumping the barricade), there was a serious chance that last night’s Raw could have been delayed or even cancelled. In the hours right before the show, a huge rainstorm led to lightning struck somewhere around the arena and caused a blackout, bringing setup and production to a near-standstill. Fortunately, the power was restored in time to finish setting up, and the show went on the air as normal, but given how WWE has reacted in similarly disastrous situations in the past (such as the post-Rumble Raw that aired during a blizzard, or when that Icelandic volcanic eruption stranded the Raw crew in Europe), we would have been interested to see what kind of show we might have gotten had the power stayed off, especially given that it was the final Raw before SummerSlam.

Here’s some official WWE footage taken during the power outage.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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