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Latest Rumors Have Kurt Angle Wrestling a Match as Early as SummerSlam, Against a Surprise Opponent

Kurt Angle left the WWE a decade ago, partly because they were reluctant to clear him to wrestle after a number of serious injuries (plus his growing problems with addiction when it came to pain pills).

In the ten years since, Angle has gotten clean and revived his wrestling career with a lengthy stint in TNA (now know as Impact Wrestling). Earlier this year, Angle made a long-awaited to return to WWE television when he became the general manager of Raw, taking over for the departing Mick Foley.

Since then (and even before), Angle has given a number of interviews where he strongly hints at getting back into the wrestling tights for at least more match, if the WWE will let him. He went so far as to suggest that his role as RAW GM is just so that WWE can test him out and make sure that he’s healthy, clean, and in the right frame of mine to wrestle again.

If Angle does return, there are plenty of exciting options for an opponent, since the roster of the WWE has dramatically changed since the last time Angle was an active competitor. However, on a recent edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observor Radio, it was revealed that rumors backstage suggest that the WWE wants to target a Kurt Angle vs. Triple H match. Not only that, but it could happen as quickly as SummerSlam.

Meltzer points out that he has to way to verify if this information is true, but several people in the company have hinted at the possibility. The WWE typically tries to make SummerSlam their second biggest pay-per-view of the year, and Kurt Angle vs. Triple H definitely looks good on the marquee. But will fans want to see two semi-retired wrestlers in their late-40s have one last go ’round? Yeah, probably.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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