Kurt Angle: “I Believe I Can Pass a Physical and Wrestle in the WWE Again”

Kurt Angle has been out of the WWE for quite some time now, but fans were pleased to hear that the former champion would be included in the 2017 Hall of Fame class, which obviously includes the Induction Ceremony and appearance at WrestleMania 33.

However, if rumors are to be believed, Angle might be sticking around for more than just a cameo appearance. A PWI Insider report from earlier this week suggested that Angle would be sticking around for an on-air role, taking over Mick Foley’s job as the general manager of Raw (Foley needs time off for hip surgery). Even if that does happen, it always seemed unlikely that the WWE would ever allow Angle to actually wrestle again. After all, this is man with multiple neck surgeries to his name and the WWE have been extra careful lately. Just look at Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

If Angle has anything to say about it, though, he still might have a few more matches left in him.

“I don’t think I’m done,” said Angle in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I don’t think I’m close to being done. I’m not going to tell you that I will wrestle for another five years, but I believe there are numerous matches ahead of me. WWE has not given me any notification that I am going to wrestle, but I believe the fans will speak.

“If everything goes the right way with the physical, which I believe I would pass very easily, I believe there is an opportunity for fans to see Kurt Angle wrestle in WWE. But again, I have to reiterate, they have not talked about that at all.”

Angle may be optimistic about having “one last match” (or two or three), but he is now 48-years-old with a questionable medical history. It’s unlikely the WWE will ever budge on clearing him for in-ring action again.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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