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John Cena is No Longer The WWE’s Highest Paid Superstar

For years (and years), John Cena has been the main guy for the WWE. And he was paid accordingly, topping the list of “Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers” for a long time. However, he has been working a reduced schedule lately (although still staying plenty busy with reality TV, hosting gigs, and movie work). The result is that he is no longer he highest paid guy in the company.

According to Forbes, Cena earned an estimated $8 million from the WWE in 2016. If you thought that someone like Roman Reigns or Randy Orton or A.J. Styles might top the list now, you’re still wrong. It was another part-time guy who earned the most bank — Brock Lesnar. Forbes used “public filings, booking contracts, and pay documents” along with information from “industry insiders” to determine each superstar’s pay. It’s unclear whether Lesnar’s massive $12 million annual take included his purse from competing at UFC 200 back in July.

Here’s the top 10:


1.     Brock Lesnar           $12 million
2.    John Cena                $8 million
3.    Triple H                    $3.8 million
4.    Roman Reigns         $3.5 million
5.    Dean Ambrose         $2.7 million
6.    A.J. Styles                 $2.4 million
7.    Shane McMahon     $2.2 million
T8. The Undertaker       $2 million
T8.  Seth Rollins             $2 million
10.  Randy Orton            $1.9 million

Interesting that Triple H can still sneak into the top 10 despite only competing once or twice a year. Of course, he still earns big bucks for all the work he does backstage helping to run the company with Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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