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Jerry Lawler Suggests WWE Smackdown May Go Live In 2016

WWE Smackdown has been the forgotten television show of WWE for a long time now, with lots of great wrestling but a minimal impact on story lines, which usually means that fans can safely tune out and not miss any plot progression. And because Raw is a three-hour monster of a show every week, less and less importance has been placed on Smackdown ever since the official end of the brand extension. Well, that may be about to change. In early 2016, Smackdown will be moving from its current home on SyFy and onto the USA Network, the same channel which hosts Monday Night Raw. Rumors are that WWE is planning to expend more effort on making Smackdown interesting once that happens, and this week in an interview, WWE announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler suggested that the show, which has traditionally been a taped on Tuesdays for broadcast later in the week, may be moving to a live format when the switch to USA happens.

Here’s Lawler’s statement from that interview:

“There’s going to be a lot of stuff happening on Smackdown. It’s coming back on USA. There’s a very good possibility that in the near future, Smackdown may be live.”

Obviously, Lawler hasn’t confirmed anything, and plans can always change, but if true, it could mark a definite shift in how Smackdown has been handled up to now. Most importantly, would Smackdown continue to air on Thursdays, or shift to a different day to accommodate WWE’s existing live event schedule? Moving the show to Tuesday nights would let things stay basically the same, but would lead to WWE airing both their major television shows back-to-back (and three nights in a row on Pay Per View weekends). Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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