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James Ellsworth Explains Himself

In the closing moments of the main event of TLC, James Ellsworth inserted himself in the match and had a direct effect on the outcome. After initially being beaten up by AJ Styles, Ellsworth actually shoved Dean Ambrose off a ladder and through two tables at ringside, ensuring victory for Styles. We theorized that Ellsworth had grown tired of Ambrose making backhanded remarks about his abilities and decided to show Ambrose he wasn’t weak, but as he revealed on Talking Smack, his actions had a much more ridiculous explanation: he thinks he’s got a better chance of beating AJ Styles than Ambrose with his World Title shot, because he’s 3-0 against Styles.

Yeah, he’s a moron. Tune in this Tuesday on Smackdown Live, where we will mostly likely witness the death of the Man With Two Hands, if not by AJ Styles, then almost certainly by a pissed-off Dean Ambrose.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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