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Is WWE Retiring The Divas Championship?

According to reports, WrestleMania 32 may be the very last time you see the WWE Divas Championship. If that made you suddenly panic, calm down, they’re not getting rid of the women’s division. Instead, in a move that has been long demanded by fans, it looks like WWE may have decided to retire the title belt often derisively referred to as “that damned sparkly butterfly” (and other, less nice names) and will be bringing back the WWE Women’s Championship.

This likely stems from the rise in prominence of women’s wrestling thanks largely to NXT, WWE’s developmental organization, who are responsible for legitimate female wrestlers like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch now patrolling WWE rings and looking to have the best Women’s match at WrestleMania in quite some time. It should be noted that NXT has always referred to their title as the NXT Women’s Championship, and the term “Diva” has not been used to refer to their female competitors for a while now, which is why many have felt that it was time for the WWE main roster to also ditch the term, at least in reference to the title.

The Divas Championship was created in 2008, during the brand split, as a way for both Raw and Smackdown to have active women’s wrestling divisions. The title was unified with the Women’s Championship in 2010, with the Divas title remaining as the sole physical belt.

This is definitely a big step forward for women’s wrestling in WWE!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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