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Is Alberto Del Rio Returning To WWE?

Rumors are flying that WWE may be in talks with former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, who is currently wrestling in various independent organizations, including Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground, under the name Alberto El Patron. WWE has continually struggled to find a replacement for Rey Mysterio to appeal to the expanding Hispanic demographic, and the feeling is likely that bringing back Del Rio, as an already established major star, would be one possible solution. WWE also has a live event tour of Mexico beginning this upcoming weekend, and would undoubtedly like to be able to headline it with a star of Del Rio’s caliber.

Adding fuel to the fire, Del Rio suddenly pulled out of a series of independent wrestling shows in Germany this week, which would have taken place at the same time as WWE’s Mexico tour. Sources close to both sides have reportedly claimed that there are ongoing negotiations between both sides, but no agreement has been reached as of yet.

Del Rio was originally released by WWE in 2014 over an incident in which he reportedly slapped another WWE employee who had allegedly made blatantly racist remarks towards Del Rio. That employee has also since left WWE.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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