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Insane SummerSlam Infographic Shows 27 Years of Match Types and Title Defenses

SummerSlam is almost here!

To go along with our definitive list of reasons that you should tune in on Sunday night to watch the WWE’s biggest show of the year (next to Wrestlemania, of course), the folks over at whipped together this incredible infographic detailing the history of every match in SummerSlam history. It also includes a breakdown of most of the 2015 card, with detailed win-loss records for each wrestler.

It’s kind of crazy to look back and see that the 1999 and 2001 events had a massive SIX championship matches each. In 2003 there were five successful title defenses, followed by four the year after.

If you’re curious about Seth Rollins chance to retain his WWE championship (and claim John Cena’s United States Championship in the process), in the previous 94 SummerSlam matches that had a belt on the line, the strap has only changed hands 38 times (40%). The other 60% of the time, the champ either wins or retains the belt via DQ. Via

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