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How Many Title Changes Have There Been On WWE TV This Year?

With Raw ratings hitting the lowest point in decades, repeatedly, people have started looking for potential reasons why fans have started tuning out. One complaint about Raw (and Smackdown) that has been increasing is that, some weeks, nothing important seems to happen. And while story lines may progress and matches occur, the feeling among some people is that WWE’s televised product has lost its “anything can happen” vibe, which was so important to its success during the Attitude Era.

And when you think about “important events”, one idea that springs to mind is the occasional surprising title change on television. Some enterprising folks on the Internet did some digging in regards to how many title changes have happened on Raw and Smackdown over the past several years, and the results they came up with proved quite interesting. Source:

Turns out, the answer is “one”.

In 2015, there was a single title change that happened on Raw or Smackdown. In case you missed it, Wade Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title in a match where Corporate Kane changed the rules of the match to screw over Ziggler. It happened on January 5th, which means that we’ve nearly gone an entire year without any title changes on Raw or Smackdown. Let’s not forget, this was also a year where John Cena defended the United States title on television nearly every week for several months.

We’re not saying we need to return to the days where a title would change hands every week or even multiple times on the same show, but at the same time, having the occasional title change on Raw might help make the program a little more “must-see” than it currently seems to be.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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