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How Close Is Nikki Bella To Returning?

Since undergoing career-threatening neck surgery earlier in the year, Nikki Bella has been publicly adamant that she would one day return to the ring in WWE. And in recent weeks, she’s posted several pictures and videos on social media showing her resuming training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida, even doing some work in the ring. Obviously, this has led many fans to eagerly anticipate her return to WWE itself in the near future.

Unfortunately, a return for Nikki is still a matter of “if”, and not “when”, as she has only been cleared by doctors to resume training and working out on a regular schedule, and not to resume her career as an in-ring performer, although it is a big first step on her road to recovery. According to reports, Nikki is still being heavily monitored, in order to determine is she has fully recovered from her spinal fusion surgery, one which had a high probability of forcing her to retire immediately, and which virtually guaranteed that if she returns, it will not be as a full-time performer. While that doesn’t mean it will never happen, it does mean that people who are hoping for Nikki Bella to make a surprise return on Raw or Smackdown in the next few weeks (or even by the end of 2016) are, sadly, going to be disappointed.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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