Here’s How Long Chris Jericho Will Be Away From the WWE After WrestleMania (We Think)

At this point in his WWE career, Chris Jericho is the King of the Comeback. He routinely takes large chunks of time away from wrestling in order to do other things — most notably tour with his rock band Fozzy, although we imagine that he manages to get in some R&R while he’s off the gruelling travel schedule that WWE employees face.

It’s largely expected that Jericho will again disappear from WWE television after WrestleMania 33, probably after finally settling things with Kevin Owens. Although no one can ever accurately pinpoint a specific return date for Y2J, Wrestling Inc. thinks they have put together some good clues.

Jericho isn’t advertised for any WWE shows after WrestleMania, which seems to confirm he will take some time off. Fozzy is scheduled to tour throughout the month of May and is playing a festival in the U.K. on June 11. After all of that is finished, Jericho has no confirmed commitments that would keep him busy.

We’re guessing that Jericho returns (at the latest) in time to set up a feud for SummerSlam, which goes down August 20 in Brooklyn, New York.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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