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Has WWE Changed Plans On Charlotte’s Next Challenger?

With Charlotte having defeated Paige at Survivor Series, and WWE apparently looking to put the controversy surrounding their feud behind them (notably, any mention of Reid Flair was cut from the promotional videos that aired leading up to and during the Pay Per View last night), it seems that the Divas Champion will be moving on to face a new challenger.

Allegedly, the original plan for Survivor Series was to have Sasha Banks face Natalya on the pre-show, with the winner becoming #1 contender to the Divas title. Apparently, Sasha Banks was expected to win and challenge Charlotte at the TLC Pay Per View, which is taking place in Banks’ hometown of Boston. The match was taken off the show, however, and replaced with a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. At this point, it is not known if the plan is still to have Sasha challenge Charlotte, but with only three weeks until TLC, it is expected that Charlotte’s opponent for the Pay Per View will almost certainly be determined tonight on Raw. Source:

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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