Gallows and Anderson Hope The Return of Finn Balor Will Spark Bullet Club Revival

When Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows finally arrived in the WWE, along with A.J. Styles (plus Finn Balor being the face of NXT for a while before his main roster promotion), whispers of a Bullet Club reformation just wouldn’t die down. They were even teased on WWE programming, like when Balor gave his former stablemates a smile but declined to offer up a “Too Sweet” salute at SummerSlam.

Then Styles and the Club were separated by the new brand split, and The Club has languished a little bit as members of Raw ever since. They couldn’t even muster the hype to be the ones who finally ended The New Day’s record breaking tag team title reign, as that honor eventually went to the thrown together team of Sheamus and Cesaro.

Gallows and Anderson appeared on a recent episode of the “Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast” to discuss their WWE adventures, and Anderson alluded to some potential future plans.

“I can’t wait to get [Balor] back. I was just texting with him today and I’m always afraid he’s kayfabing me or lying to me about showing up because, I’m telling you, I named my second son after him, his middle name. If he shows up and I don’t know about it, I’m going to be hot, man. There’d be heat. There’d be a little heatsky. He’d better fill a brother in. He’d better not show up. I don’t have any date. I’m like, ‘where are you?’ He’s like, ‘I’m in Iceland.’ I’m like, ‘man, you’re not in Iceland. Are you lying to me?’ Yeah, if you just show up, I’m really going to question our friendship, man. You’ve got to shoot me a little warning text.’ Let him come back. Let us reform the original Bullet Club. We’ll just tear everything apart. That’s one of those pitches we’ve thrown. We’ll see if it sticks or not.”

Balor isn’t expected back from a serious shoulder injury until around WrestleMania, so don’t expect to see The Bullet Club on Raw next week or anything. However, when Balor is healthy again, it will be interesting to see how they handle his return, especially when Gallows and Anderson seem to just be treading water at the moment.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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