Erick Rowan Undergoes Rotator Cuff Surgery, Out 4-6 Months

Bray Wyatt has apparently lost his last remaining Family member for the foreseeable future, as there are reports that Erick Rowan went under the knife today, having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The average recovery time for that injury is 4-6 months, leaving Bray Wyatt once again alone in his war with Randy Orton.

The potential good news is, Luke Harper was cleared to wrestle recently, but given how ridiculously unsuccessful the Family has been overall, perhaps it would be a better plan to keep Wyatt solo for now. Or perhaps he could introduce the long-anticipated Sister Abigail as a manager/new addition to the Smackdown Women’s Division? We can think of a couple options for the role!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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