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Did WrestleMania Footage Predict The End Of Seth Rollins’ Title Reign?

The Internet is abuzz after footage was found of Seth Rollins’ victory celebration at WrestleMania 31 which might actually have prophesied that Seth Rollins would lose the WWE World Heavyweight title at Survivor Series. As Seth finishes celebrating and the Pay Per View goes off the air, you can quite clearly see the Survivor Series logo flash on the video screen behind him. As we know by now, Rollins’ reign just ended right before that very Pay Per View (Rollins was actually rumored to be losing the belt to Roman Reigns at Survivor Series as well). Don’t believe us? You can watch the full video clip for yourself (relevant footage is at 4:47), or just look at the GIF below.

Now, obviously, this is clearly just a massive coincidence caused by some sort of minor graphical screw-up by an unknown WWE employee, and has nothing to do with dark forces beyond the ken of mortal beings.


It is kind of eerie, though.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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