Details On Goldberg’s New WWE Contract

In case you were unaware, Goldberg’s match at Survivor Series was originally intended to a one-time thing, so that Goldberg could have a final match and, like he said, so his son could actually see him wrestle live. However, things went so well in the build-up to that match, WWE offered him a new short-term contract, which is expected to culminate in a re-match with Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. In even more good news for fans of the former WCW Champion, in addition to WrestleMania and his announced appearance in the Royal Rumble match, Goldberg’s new contract apparently also has him scheduled to work at the Raw brand Fastlane PPV in March, and to have him appear regularly on Raw in the months leading up to WrestleMania, which, actually, might be more appearances than we’ll get out of Brock Lesnar in the same time period. So, if you like Goldberg, the next few months are going to be a really good time for you!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.