Daniel Cormier Attacks Jon Jones on Twitter: “You Have Always Done Steroids”

It’s not perfectly clear who Daniel Cormier will defend the UFC light heavyweight championship against in his next fight, but there are likely only two options — MMA veteran Jimi Manuwa or the former pound-for-pound king Jon Jones. Both fighters were at cageside for Cormier’s submission victory over Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 210, but the UFC has been fairly silent on which way they are leaning.

Jones is technically still ineligible to fight, as he finishes serving a 12-month suspension for failing a drug test just days before UFC 200. Somewhat ironically, Jones was supposed to fight Cormier at that event and it was the second time that a bout between the two had fallen apart at the last minute.

Jones managed to avoid an even longer suspension by claiming that the failed drug test was a result of him taking “sexual enhancement pills,” which contained trace amounts of estrogen blockers, a substance commonly associated with masking steroid use in pro athletes. He’s tentatively set to return in July and UFC fans are eager to finally see Cormier vs. Jones 2.

If this Twitter exchange is any indication, both Jones and Cormier are also anxious to get back in the cage together.

It all started when some random fan tagged Cormier with a bit of trash talk, wishing for Jones to knock out the champ.

Cormier hit back, saying Jones doesn’t have that kind of power, even with his “enhancements.”

Jones was obviously keeping an eye on his mentions, because he shot back, reminding Cormier of who won when the two did manage to fight, back at UFC 182.

Cormier wouldn’t take that jab without getting the last word though, bringing up a rumor (started by Chael Sonnen, for what it’s worth) that Jones once hid under a cage during training to avoid a USADA official who had shown up to get a random testing sample.

If there is any sense of justice in this world, Jones and Cormier will fight this summer. Until then, expect a lot of trash talk from either side.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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