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Daniel Bryan May Never Wrestle In WWE Again

There are rumors coming out of WWE via the Wrestling Observer that, despite several wrestlers believing he would be a part of the Royal Rumble match, Daniel Bryan has been told by WWE officials that he will probably never be cleared to wrestle in WWE. This is allegedly due to a combination of his history of concussions and concealing injuries, and the fact that WWE is currently fighting a massive lawsuit over their handling of concussions in the past. If Bryan were to be cleared by WWE’s doctors and suffered a further concussions as a result, it could be very bad for them for many reasons.

With that said, Bryan reportedly had a meeting with Vince McMahon to plead his case, and while the report says that McMahon was firm, he also would not fully close the door on Bryan ever wrestling again for WWE.

Bryan allegedly has two years remaining on his current contract. WWE has reportedly offered Bryan any number of non-wrestling roles within WWE, and is unlikely to release him before the terms of his contract have been fulfilled.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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