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Could the Hardy Boyz return at WrestleMania 33?

The biggest question in all of professional wrestling right now is not IF The Hardy Boyz will be returning to the WWE, but WHEN.

Jeff has not wrestled for the WWE since 2009 and Matt since 2010. With the many rumours bustling around , it seems like 2017 is the year that Matt and Jeff will make their return.

Here is what we know, Matt and Jeff chose not sign a new contract with TNA back in February. It is then reported on March 21st that Matt and Jeff are offered new contracts from WWE by Ryan Satin on Pro Wrestling Sheet. Then there were concerns over who actually owns the “Broken Universe” causing Matt to successfully trademark the brand which he confirmed on Twitter.

We know that WWE does not like their talent owning their own gimmicks, which often leads to a rebranding of wrestlers when they join the company. However, within the last year we have seen Superstars like A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Bobby Roode, and others joined WWE and keep their persona’s.

Now we have seen that has been closed.

Then late last night, the MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube channel posted a video that showed Broken Matt and Brother Nero tossing the TNA Tag Team belts into the “Lake of Reincarnation.” The description of the video takes a pretty good shot at Jeff Jarrett and Anthem:

After exerting everything within our VESSELS to make TNA trendy and cool again, we were betrayed by the OBSOLETE OWL. Since we carried the TNA Tag Titles to a CELESTIAL plane, as well as becoming greater than our host, the #7Deities mandated that I REINCARNATE these OBSOLETE Titles.. These titles have now been transformed into something worthy of The Greatest Tag Team in Space and Time.

The description then goes on to take one last shot at Jarrett and references the battle over the “Broken” brand:

Rebecca, like Jeff and I, did many things for this brand because we’re upstanding beings. #HouseHardy will now continue to soar to new heights while the OWL fades away and classifies itself as OBSOLETE.

Check out the video below:

It seems incredibly crazy that Matt and Jeff, who have a Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship ladder match on Saturday, could make an appearance the very next night on WrestleMania.

BUT WAIT, there is more…

The official WWE Twitter handle sends out a tweet reminiscing the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania where many tables were “BROKEN.”

Was that capitalization of the word “broken” on purpose? Well Matt seemed to think so as he took it upon himself to respond.

So with all of this, it is very easy to assume that Matt and Jeff are on their way to the WWE. While at first it seemed like it would be a while before they made their return, it now feels more imminent than originally thought.

Factor in that the Raw Tag Team Championship match at Mania was made into a ladder match less than a week before the actual event, it is possible to assume that the Hardy Boyz could pull back-to-back duty Saturday at ROH Supercard and then Sunday at WrestleMania 33.

If they don’t, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them on Monday Night Raw the following evening.


Matt the Mark (@SuperKickMe)