CM Punk on UFC Bad Boy Nate Diaz: “He’s a Super Nice Guy”

CM Punk is basically the new kid on the block when it comes to the UFC, so we can’t really imagine that Nate Diaz, a guy who has literally been fighting since he was a teenager, would be all that warm and welcoming to the former WWE Superstar. In fact, Diaz spoke out publicly against CM Punk’s decision to enter the octagon (and the UFC’s decision to sign the former wrestling champion), as did many others who were skeptical of Punk’s chances.

Things have apparently cooled down between the two, though. Punk recently told FOX Sports that he got a chance to meet Diaz at UFC 200 back in July, and it went surprisingly well.

“UFC 200, I was doing an autograph signing and the guy I was signing the autograph for started like pointing behind me and I heard someone like yelling my name and I turned around and I was on a riser and Nate Diaz was on the ground and he was like ‘hey man come here,'” Punk told FOX Sports. “I was like ‘what’s up?’ and he was the nicest (expletive) guy.

“I don’t know if he’ll get mad and this will ruin the image of Nate Diaz, but he was like ‘Hey man, I talked some (expletive) before and I don’t know you and I’m sorry’ and he’s like, ‘Gilbert (Melendez) and Ronda (Rousey) said that you’re a cool dude and they love you’ and I started looking around for the cameras. I was like all right. I thought that was super, super cool of him. Super nice guy.”

Certainly doesn’t sound like the trash talking, F-bomb dropping Nate Diaz that we all know and love.

Punk announced his decision to leave wrestling and join the UFC almost two years ago, but multiple injuries have kept him from making his MMA debut. He is scheduled to finally hit the cage against Mickey Gall on September 10 at UFC 203.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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