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Chris Jericho Honestly Believes The Rock Will Run For President Some Day

Forget the “Rock 2020” memes. Chris Jericho thinks a Dwayne Johnson presidential campaign is a very real thing that could absolutely happen sometime down the line.

Johnson, who parlayed his immense wrestling popularity into a successful acting career, has teased fans before about getting into politics. It seemed a bit far fetched, but then Donald Trump managed to win the 2016 election, proving that being a celebrity with no political experience is sometimes enough to sway the public vote.

During a recent appearance on the Rick Eisen Show, Jericho was asked if he thought The Rock was serious.

“I have no doubt that [a Rock candidacy] is going to happen. Honestly, I do. Not to get political, but I think we’re in the era now of celebrity Presidents. I think our current President got in because he knew how to work a camera. I think Rock knows how to work a camera better than Trump does, and has much more charisma, and [is] much more likable.


“Because you don’t even need experience to be a President anymore. All you need to do is just have the celebrity value. So I honestly think The Rock will run for President. I really do.”

The Rock is still busy pumping out innane action movies (Fast & Furious sequels and that horrible Baywatch reboot) and starring in HBO’s Ballers, but he’s expressed himself as a Republican in the public. I’m Canadian, so I can’t vote for the U.S. president, but I’d definitely be rooting fir a “Rock/Austin 2020” ticket. Someone call the Texas Rattlesnake and get him on board with the idea.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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