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Chris Jericho Explains Ref Altercation During Neville Injury

During a match with Neville on Raw, Chris Jericho was forced to think fast when his opponent actually broke his ankle is the middle of the match, forcing them to quickly end the match. However, it appeared that WWE referee Charles Robinson did not fully understand that Neville had been injured, leading to a physical and verbal confrontation with Jericho. There were rumors afterwards that both Jericho and Robinson were legitimately upset over the incident, and Jericho had the respected veteran referee on his podcast, Talk is Jericho, to help explain just exactly what happened, and how things nearly went horribly wrong.

Jericho “[Neville] jumps up for a Frankensteiner, which… the finish of the match was gonna be a Frankensteiner where I stop him and put him into the Walls. He jumps up and goes for the Frankenstein and says ‘finish’ so I was thinking maybe he’s panicking that we were running out of time. So he does it and then I take the bump because I’m like ‘No, we’ve got plenty of time.’ And then he covers me and says ‘I think I just broke my ankle.'”

Robinson: “So I go over there because I suspect that he’s injured but I don’t know. He could just be selling. And I’m asking him over and over and over, ‘Are you hurt? Tell me are you hurt? Are you hurt?’.”

After Jericho attempted to pin Neville and finish the match, Robinson, still unsure, only counted two because he saw Neville’s shoulder up, and WWE referees are instructed to call every pin as if it were a legitimate match

Jericho:”So I get up and I’m like ‘this is really going south.’ Because now people are going to start sniffing that something is wrong, so I push you… I’m thinking if I push you, you’ll DQ me. Because at least we’ll get a DQ. Because I”m thinking we have to get the spotlight off of Neville because I don’t want this to be an really awkward moment where there’s a guy down in the ring and the thing just kind of ends. I’m thinking ‘If I push Charles, and he DQs me… then I can still kept this rolling.’ Plus I was like, ‘why the hell didn’t he count to three?’ It’s a double whammy.”

Robinson: “I was really mad at you. I knew you were mad at me because, Chris, I’ve seen your acting and you’re not that good.”

Jericho: “But then finally we got the DQ and you and I are arguing. And what I was thinking is if Charles and I can argue, they’ll keep the camera on us. And meanwhile, I’m arguing…OK am I mad? Not really. I was just trying to keep the ball on us. But what we were arguing about was real. My attitude wasn’t real.”

So, in the end, it was actually some stellar work from two consummate professionals stuck in a bad situation. You can listen to the entire conversation on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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