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Chael Sonnen Claims to Have Solid Evidence That McGregor vs. Mayweather Will Definitely Happen

Chael Sonnen is a blowhard who doesn’t always think before he talks. So take all of this with a generous sized grain of salt. But the former UFC fighter claims to have insider information about the potential Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather superfight, which has gone from “in your wildest dreams” fantasy to “actually seems like it’s going to happen” reality.

On a recent edition of his “You’re Welcome” podcast, Sonnen claims that the event planning is already coming along.

“For some reason, both of these fighters have said they’re fighting, but no reporter has announced it. Now I have information from someone higher than that, which is a guy at a ticketing company where the build was sent in,” said Sonnen. “To tell you what that means, it’s called a ‘build.’ In that industry, that’s when you submit to the ticketing company, what you want, what your card is, what your date is — essentially, your schematics, this is what the arena layout is going to look like. That’s called the build, that’s the first step to lining up your tickets.”

Sonnen doesn’t mention which arena, but there have been multiple reports that the new T-Mobile Arena has already reserved June 10 as a potential fight date.

“The build was submitted, and I got it right from the ticketing guy,” Sonnen added. “Whether that information is accurate or not, I believe it is. I believe it is enough that I reported it, I tweeted it. I will tell you again, I don’t know how to use any clearer language, Conor and Floyd are going to fight.”

Sonnen has a reputation as a guy who will say anything to promote his own fights and self-interests, so we’re not sure whether his habits of stretching the truth would carry over into his role as a legitimate reporter. Even if he’s wrong about this ticketing info, the pile of evidence that McGregor and Mayweather are indeed going to fight is getting quite large, and hard to ignore.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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