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Broken Matt Hardy Threatens to Delete Vince McMahon

It was only a couple weeks ago that that everyone in the wrestling world, including notable (and always reliable) reporter Dave Meltzer, was reporting that the Hardys were finishing their contract with Impact Wrestling and would likely be on their way to WWE television.

Turns out everyone was wrong. Matt and Jeff instead popped up in Ring of Honor, although the exact terms of their contract is unknown. Earlier this week, TMZ Sports interviewed Matt and asked about a potential return to the WWE in the future. Broken Matt’s response, completely in character, was naturally bizarre — but does seem to imply that the door is still open for a WWE return.

“Currently I am able to go anywhere, but I am with the honorable ring, ROH, and I will be on pay-per-view this Friday night, as myself and the nefarious Brother Nero, we are prepared to DELETE, once again, the Bucks of Youth, and the Vice of Roppongi …


“When you are dealing with Broken Matt Hardy, and the Brother Nero, and the Broken Hardys, anything is possible. Anything. I have had conversations with every promoter that runs every major wrestling organization across the world. Whether it be Ring of Honor, where we are currently signed right now to a contract, the biggest contract in Ring of Honor history, may I add.


“You know, I knew the Bucks of Youth had a big contract, and I said if you double their contract, we will come and work for you and not that evil Meekmahan and the man with the three Hs.


“But of course, I have spoken with people from Meekmahan’s show, I have spoken with people from New Japan Wrestling, I have spoken with people in Mexico, I have spoken with people across the globe. Meekmahan, you are on Vanguard One’s radar. We are watching you very, very closely, I have Vanguard One monitoring you 24/7.


“And Meekmahan, if you ever try anything shady on my broken brilliance, I would be the first man to DELETE you!”

What does this all mean? Well, as with everything related to Broken Matt and Brother Nero, we have no damn clue. Maybe they’ll never appear in WWE again. Or maybe they’ll be at WrestleMania next month!

Here’s the video clip:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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